conk1 [käŋk, kôŋk]
[< CONCH] Slang
1. Brit. the nose
2. the head
3. a blow on the head
Slang to hit on the head
to hit on the head
conk out Slang
1. to fail suddenly in operation
2. to become very tired and fall asleep
3. to die
conk2 [käŋk, kôŋk]
[altered < ? CONCH ]
☆ a shelflike growth of fungus found on various trees, usually on the trunk
☆ conk3 [käŋk, kôŋk ]
[? < name of a kind of copal, used for straightening hair]
a hair style, as worn by some blacks, in which the hair is straightened, as with lye, and smoothed down
to straighten and arrange hair thus

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